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what type of planter is this?

I have a clay/terra cotta round planter that is about 18" across, 10" deep that says Hecho en Mexico Marcos pottery on the bottom & has a raised center that looks like an upside-down cone that takes up about 25% of the planter. Due to this raised area I assume it is a planter made for a specific type of plant. Does anyone know which plant or what would grow nicely in such a planter?

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It actually sounds like an olla for extracting salt from seawater (one fills the pot to about 3/4 of the way up the cone and places it in the sun; the salt condenses and collects on the cone as the water evaporates, and you end up with beautiful, sand-free flor de sal.)

I've grown succulents in that type of olla with great success; since there are no drainage holes, though, you need to take into account that it won't need watering as often as you'd normally do.

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