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HELP! Wilting Plants! :(

Me and my mother bought marigold flowers in a higher altitude place and transplanted them to our flower pots, but they are starting to wilt! the stems are looking droopy and the flowers are looking darker each day.
What should I do about this?

Some Details:
+watering has been regular, I water the plants whenever the soil looks dry. (every 2 or 3 days)
+in partial sun light, some are in full sun light
+There had been a recent spider mite infestation(red spider mites).
-I had applied an organic approach to the infestation by using a garlic, onion and pepper solution but it seem to not have worked enough.
- so I had bought bayer insecticide.
- the infestation seems to have died down, as I have observed, the spider mites were no longer visible.
+I live in a tropical climate, 25-33 degrees Celsius

*Will post pictures tomorrow when the sun is out.

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