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Watermelons in the Seattle area

Has anyone had any success with growing watermelons in the Seattle area. I tried last year and did not have much success and was wondering if I should try again this year.

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I spent 5 months in Seattle, and I will say I feel for anyone trying to garden there, the weather is great and comfortable for humans but not so great for plants lol. I would stick to things that well grow well like blackberrys, salmon berrys and your cool weather crops your summer weather is what we in Ohio call spring. Don't be afraid to give them a try but make sure they are in a very sunny area.

Oh you can also always grow hops! Pretty green flowers and you can find any one of a dozen and a half homebrew clubs that will be more than happy to take the hops if your not a homebrewer!

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I live near Spokane, and everyone tells me you cannot grow watermelon here either. BUT I am determined to try it anyways! HAHAHA! If you find out any good tricks let me know. I will do the same. GOOD LUCK :D :P

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