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Help identifying this interesting plant!

I have a plant growing in front of my house that sprouted up after it started getting warmer after Winter. My landlord said there used to be a plant there a long time ago (2 years?) they she dug up because it smelled 'like death.' The stalks look similar to a dragon anum that I found while researching online but the leaves look nothing like it and it shows no sign of flowering (yet?) I'm not very helpful when it comes to plants. The stalks looked woody from far away but it's actually just a pattern and they feel like a normal non woody plant stalk. It's still pretty small but I fertilized it and watered it today. Even if it turns out to smell like death my landlord said it was a very beautiful plant. Still unsure if this is the same plant as before or something random. As of now, it doesn't smell like anything except for regular ol green plant smell.



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It'll be the flowers that smell like rotting meat. Check out Amorphophallus and Dracunculus - those are the ones off the top of my head that have that kind of leaf stalk and flowers that stink. I'd place bets on it being the same plant that your landlord dug up - it's very hard to get all of the tubers in a situation like that, and they lie dormant until they're big enough to leaf out again.

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