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I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME, I HAVE POSTED THIS TWICE, I LIVE IN ZONE 8, SO CALIF HIGH DESERT 4300 FEET, " BOTH SNOW & HEAT ", I have several " Dodonea " Purple hopseed bushes, that have completely bitten the dust this winter.... They say they can withstand -20 degree with some damage, our winters are 22, and not often below, and our summers are 102, etc,...... they are all brown and look completely dead, do I prune them ? How do I know if they will come back or are dead? I AM A " NEW " GARDENER, AND I NEED SOME ADVICE, AS I PLANTED AN ENTIRE HEDGE OF THESE , AND I'm PRETTY DISAPOINTED... ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKYOU, VINA

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Hi Vina,

I realize you are a new gardener, but I did answer this for you on March 3rd. Here's the post with my answer. You never did respond to tell me when and how you planted and cared for them so my answer would be the same.

Don't hesitate to write with more questions.

Also, you may not realize it but typing in all caps means you are yelling in computer language. It' generally only used to emphasize a word or two.


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