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Lawn looks ugly- Please help

I live in Allen, TX and this is my first spring as a home owner. It appears that I may not have started the watering in advance but this has caused my lawn to look ugly :(( .
Please check this link. ... 5420616706

You can see that the strip of lawn on the other side of the footpath looks good. Neibhbor's lawn looks even better :( Can you please suggest what I can do recover my lawn? :oops:

Appreciate your help

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Do you put down grub chemicals? Assuming grubs are a problem in area, could have dead grass. Dig down and look for them.

Grass needs 1 inch of water a week, at least in New Jersey. So, water it and see if it grows. If not, throw topsoil on top and reseed/starter fert/lime if needed.

Also, get friendly with your neighbor and seek advise.

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