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fermentation in liquid fertilizers?

I am producing liquid fertilizer. How I can prevent fermentation in liquid fertilizers so that the bottles are not inflated? What can I add in, which is not toxic for plants?

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What kind of liquid fertilizer?

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Compost, manure, urine and plant waste "teas", all of these types of homemade liquid fertilizers are supposed to ferment. Leave the lid loose until it's done cooking (typically a week or two), or you can place a "water trap" on your containers as if you're making wine to eliminate the smell. Seal them with corks, or leave the water traps on on, so the gases can still escape if you're going to seal them for storage. These concoctions are typically diluted with clean water 10-15 to one before applying to your plants.

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There is a LOT of information in the [url=]Sticky[/url] under our Composting Forum on Aerated Compost Tea. This may give you ideas.

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