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root rot remedies


My Carmona (fukien tree) is suffering from root rotting. I brought it to a specialist to get some tips, and after checking it and showing me the black roots at the bottom, he told me just to cut off all the leaves and keep it outside (it's warm enough here in Italy), but never expose it to direct light.
He told me to treat it as it was healthy, without stressing it too much, and just hope for recovery.

What so you think? The bonsai specialist was quite honest, he didn't charge me, and told me he could take it in, but there was nothing he could do more than what he told me. Do you think it was because my bonsai is good as dead? Or because a repotting out of season could be too dangerous?

I tried to scratch off a really tiny bit of the bark in three points: the lowest turned out light brown, and the middle and upper were just white/green.
I red that the bark of a rotten tree is dark brown or even black, so maybe i can hope?
People in forums suggest repotting in fresh soil getting rid of the rotten root, but it sounds so too drastic, ad i know carmona suffers a lot that kind of stress...

Is there anything more I can do to save it? I've grown so fond of it, after all that taking care of it in the past two years...

Thank you in advance for your kind hel and forgive my messy english,
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If you search the forum for "root rot" you will find a few posts about it. I've never dealt with it personally, but from what i gather, it's pretty much a plant killer. the only hope you might have, is removing all the rotted area, but additional stress to the tree could kill it anyway. Also Fukien tea can be finicky (altho one i own is nothing but happy right now).
Someone else might come along and give you better advice, but as i said, if you search the forum for root rot you will be able to find something that might help.

Good luck!
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