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Will rose grow in average size pot?

It's my mums birthday in a month and I was hoping if you all could help me out.

First I was wondering if it is proper to plant an average rose in an average sized pot. Would a rose thrive in such a pot? Does it need more room for its roots or is it just impractical.

Secondly I wonder how long does it take for a rose to fully bloom or flower if it only has the stem withought the buds. That is how it is sold at the grocery. How long does it take to flower if I plant the seeds myself? How about the average blooming for other flowers?

Thirdly Is it possible to cut the thorns from a rose and still have it thrive.

Fourth How much do I need to water a rose a day and how much sunlight is needed.

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O.K., point by point...

1) No. Average pot being what you'd grow a mum in , a rose would utilize all the nutrient in such a pot and start to starve (not to mention getting root bound)

2) That bare-root rose will flower this year, but not much. Next year would be the full show...

3) Not really (although the only rose in my yard now 'Terese Bugnet' has very few thorns at all!)

4)Evenly moist and as much sun as possible...


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