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eritrean basil germination note

I received seeds from southern exposure seed exchange-

this seed pkg had note attached
germination:,we,ve only been able to get 22% germination for this seed under germination chamber conditions,but we know from greenhouse growing that the actual germination rate for this wild basil is much higher.

the company increased pkg wt from0.12g to 0.33g

what does this mean?
how should i plant the seeds?


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it just means that the seeds are a little more stubborn to grow. so they gave you extra to make up for the ones that didnt grow. simply plant a lot of them and expect some to not come up.
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How did your basil germinate. I ordered the same basil. I
started all my basil this year on my seed heating mat. Germination
was very good.

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I have been trying to germinate 4 different basil's this spring and the first did not take. the second planting is slow but some are coning up finally. Basil can be finicky and I so wanted to have these different varieties. We will see.
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