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What is the best seed to buy.

My lawn is Tall Fescue. For years I've taken pride in my lawn but over the last two, life hase gotten in the way and I've neglected it. This year I want to reseed it and I want to know what everyone recommends for Seed. I have always used Scotts in the past but would like to use something better if it exists.

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I do believe that scotts is the one of the best but you also try pro landscapers mix that are sold at most stores with garden centers also mix in a starter fertilizer in your top dressing in soil mix while preparing the area.

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Scotts is overpriced low quality seed. A good contractor mix from a local hardware store or a professional seed from John Deere Landscapes. There are different mixes of fescues, rye, blue, etc.

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What is the best seed to buy?

Hello valenzuelaf. Ken here in the Chicago area. Two other
seed companies that have good seed at a good price are
Pennington and Vigoro. Both sell mixes and individual seed.
Good luck and take care.
Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area

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