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tea and coffee compost nourish the clay soil

I live in a residential area where there is no enough space to gardening. the soil here mainly made up of clay soil (as in the construction side). I want to ask u is it possible the tea or coffee compost nourish the clay soil and thus trigger the worms to cast their waste and hence improve the condition of the soil?

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The short answer is: yes. Application of ground organic material will soften and amend clay soil.

In some settings ground up organic material is a less obvious way to sheet compost. If your Home owners association (or lease) has covenants against composting, this may be one way to step around those covenants. You should read your HOA or lease first.

What sheet composting isn't, is it does not act like seasoning your soup. A light sprinkle don't fix what ails clay in your garden. Composting is the action of repeated and persistant application of organic material.

Like weekly or monthly for years, will change soil. A spritz will be inadaquate to your need.

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Coffee grounds are great!

Here's a discussion on composting coffee grounds:


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