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New Chinese Elm - Yellow leaves emerging! (picture inside)

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a chinese elm and have had it for about 3 days. I've been making sure that it's remaining nice and moist. It's getting a couple hours of sunlight as well, and has a humidity tray with water.

When I bought the tree, it was outside in the sun. I'm currently using it as an indoor this alright?

Here's a photo to show you what it currently looks has a lot more yellow leaves emerging today, than I thad yesterday, my question this normal? or am I doing something wrong?


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Elms are, indeed, outdoor trees. In your house the environment is totally different - lighting, temp. including day/night temperature variations, humidity, wind (and the lack of it). etc., etc. Not at all like the norm.

Your tree is in shock. Shedding leaves can lead to total defoliation. Not good.

ALSO. They do not want to be kept constantly moist. That leads to root rot.

Please do some research on Chinese elm.

Also, please add your location to your avatar. Knowing where you live helps us help you. Alaska or Saudi Arabia, Maine or Miami - it matters what your climate is.

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Yeah, the first thing you need to do is stop watering it so much. poke a chop stick into the soil for about 10 minutes. Pull it out. If the stick is damp, don't water it. If the stick is dry, water it.
second, if you live in someplace warm, put that tree outside in a shaded spot and let it recover.
If you live in a cold climate, put that tree in the coolest room on your house, away from drafts and any heaters. reduce watering until it stops shedding leaves and you see new growth. then when it warms up, put it outside and care for it as an outdoor tree. Don't bring it inside anymore.

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