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transplanting in the middle of the winter (Indiana)

I am moving in two weeks and would like to take some of my perennials with me. Can I move them even though it is the middle of winter in Indiana? The ground is no longer frozen and they would be easy to get up. They are mostly flower such as lillies, shasta daisys, black eye susan, and a few other things too.

I know its not idea but I have no choice. Any help/tips would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi Klmigut,

Go for it. I dug up 500 plants, potted them up and kept them over the spring, summer and fall. By the time the renovations were completed it was too late to plant them in the ground, so I covered the areas where I wanted to hold over the pots with old sheets and blankets and placed all the pots under the covers. I was pulling back the sheets and blankets in the middle of January and the soil everywhere was frozen except for under the sheets and blankets. I planted them, in their pots, in the middle of the winter. The following spring I pulled the pots and planted the plants. I only lost about 10 of the 500 plants.

You could dig them now, put them in pots and cover them if a freeze is expected. You don't want the pots to freeze and thaw. If you can cover an area at your new home to keep the soil from freezing you could do the same as I did.

Good luck in your new home!

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