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Pruning a Bhodi tree bonsai.

Can you please tell me if I should prune the leaves on my Bonsai Bhodi tree which I have inherited and if so where and how should I prune the leaves? Many thanks.

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WELCOME to the bonsai forum.

Most of us here are not familiar with this tree and thus can not give specifics on where and how to prune. But if yours has a history of flowering in Feb. you should probably wait until after the flowering stops.

Can you provide pictures? That would help a lot.

Let's all learn together.

Last year we had some postings from Thailand. I hope those folks will see this and come back on the board to help out.

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Instructions for posting pictures on the Forum are here:

No one would be able to give you any pruning suggestions without seeing the tree. Be sure to take several different views of it from different directions.
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