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Saving Grandma's Aloe

So here is my dilemma...
A month ago, I went to my Grandmother's funeral and before I left town, I was able to get two of her aloe pups from her very large aloe plant.
I put them in two dixie cups with soil from the original pot and put those into ziplock bags and brought them back on the plane. They seemed to do fine with that.

Following this, they were repotted into ceramic pots with cactus soil. They got moved around a lot as it was another 2 weeks before I actually got to my home. They've been exposed to cold as well.

Now they are on a side table next to a window and get direct sunlight in the afternoon, but otherwise it is just a bright room with an even temperature. I am pretty sure I over watered them a week ago.

One is about 1 inch and the other is 5 inches long. Both are getting pale and brownish, especially at the tips. The leaves are no longer plump.

The small one does not seem to have any root and the larger one does have some roots, but they are damp in the soil right now.

Help! What should I do? These plants mean a lot to me and it would be a dream if I could save them!

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