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Help identifying potted plant from Disney World

I purchased a plant from Disney World, but they forgot the identification card and I am not sure how to properly care for the plant. Thanks for the help.




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Looks to me like Asparagus plumosus.
They grow quite happily in well lit areas but out of direct sunlight.
Water well in summer and keep just damp in winter.
They are the ferns that are used in buttonhole poses for weddings etc.
Remove any fronds that show yellowing and keep an eye out for scale insects.
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I second that. Plain old asparagus.

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not exactly... asparagus plumosus is asparagus fern.

The asparagus we typically eat is asparagus officinalis. Same genus, different species. The asparagus fern may possibly be edible when very young, but it will never produce the kind of thick, tender stalks we think of when we think of edible asparagus. When it produces berries, they are toxic.

It is a nice house plant though. Very easy care and tough. Since it isn't really a fern, it likes a fair amount of light, like a bright window. Water thoroughly and then let it dry out some between waterings.
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