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Need advice on an old Agave Stricta

Hello, I'm in need of advice in caring for what I believe to be an Agave Stricta. I've included some pictures below but first a sad story. My mother passed away last week after months of fighting cancer, while she was still in the hospital she had me stop by her house often to check on her dogs and a particular plant. It was one of a dozen different succulents she'd bought with her from Arizona over 30 years ago and the only survivor of a sudden freeze last year. I promised her I'd take care of it and I mean to keep my word.

Here it is.



Please let me know how it's health looks and what I can do for it. I don't think the soil has been changed in many years, should I replant it? Does it need a bigger pot and should I prop up it's arms on a stake? Should the base of the one on the right be buried deeper? How often should I water it?

I appreciate all the help I can get. As far as it's current climate is concerned, I live in Houston, Texas. Hot summers, mild winters but a lot of humidity.

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Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your mother.

IMO the plant definitely needs repotting. I would choose a container at least 4" larger in diameter than the one it's in now. Use a standard pitting mix designed for cacti and succulents.

I don't think you need to prop it up in any way, since it's supposed to grow in a rosette form.

Like other succulents, these plants like to be watered thoroughly, and then allowed to dry for awhile. They also like a lot of sun, but don't move yours into full sun all at once if it hasn't been there previously. Even cacti can be sunburned if moved into full sun too quickly.

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