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Juniper is orange outside during winter

Ive had my juniper inside since May and I put it outside on November. Was that too early?
Anyway after 1 month outside, the tree is completely brownesh orange.
-Is this normal for dormancy?
-Will it adjust? or should I bring it inside?
Its been around around the 25-30's at night outside and 50-60 in the day.
What is wrong why is it all brown? :cry:

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That's what they do. Junipers should be outdoors year round. They are hardy outdoor trees and should not be grown indoors. See exception below.

The brownish color (in Winter) is natural.

However - they, like many other conifers, are subject to windburn and sun scorch in Winter. Protection from sun and wind is advised in the dormancy months. That's why juniper bonsai is often brought into an UNheated garage or shed for the Winter. Not for warmth - but for protection from sun and wind, while they sleep.

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Another possibility is that it is already dead, 6 or 7 months inside can be a death sentence to a Juniper. Even though it was summer and it might seem that the environment inside your home did not differ greatly than the environment outside, that is not really the case. The low levels of light and humidity, typically found in our homes, are killers to some trees.


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