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mushroom growing indoors

I just started growing my own mushrooms using mycelium cakes I produced w vermiculite and Brown rice flower and my own spores. Have them in plastic storage containers w holes drilled in the sides for ventilation, have a 2 inch bed of perlite in the bottom of the tubs with the cakes sitting on foil squares on top of the perlite. Everything has gone well so far, I have mushrooms growing but the caps are rather small and am wanting to make more spore prints. ? Is what would keep the caps from growing large w the rest of the shroom. I live in Montana n its very dry here. I keep my room at a steady 75-76 degrees and about 55-65% humidity w a humidifier in the room. No light is used. And would I be better off just making a compost in the bottom of the tubs instead of making the cakes in jars? Sorry for so many questions but im confused lol [/list]

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The guys who really do well with growing mushrooms indoors keep a really tight control of air temperature, humidity, and more than a few also use a hepa filter to filter mold spoors out of the air.

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