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Need help repotting my 8+ year old Ginseng Ficus


I bought this adorable plant nearly 9 years ago and well, though I am embarrassed to admit, I have done nothing other than talk to him, wash his leaves, and water him (sorry, I cannot bring myself to call him "it") on occasion.

I love him so very much that I have been afraid to change his pot or add some soil in his pot. His soil is nearly all gone. I am not sure how he survived on so little for so long.

I am mortified to move him and lose him. :'(

Can anyone help me with pot, soil suggestions? Pretty please!!!

Thank you so much.

K :)

P.S: Furthermore, I just found out what kind of Bonsai he is last night (after 9 some years) when I googled for some pictures. He is surviving on love.....nothing more @ this point :(

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I have long ago abandoned conventional potting soil in favor of proper bonsai soil, this even for "houseplants" so, even if you don't consider your Ficus a bonsai, I suggest that you do likewise.

If you have no idea what this type of medium consists of you should read this thread. It will also give you some idea concerning the process of re-potting.

After you read, and possibly re-read the thread (make sure to follow the links) we will be glad to assist further.

BTW, Ficus are most often re-potted during warm weather but there is more leeway in this regard than if you were re-potting a deciduous tree where the window of opportunity is more specific.


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any luck so far? Not sure where your location is but I recommend repotting in the spring. Keep us updated or if u have more questions. Doing nothing to maintain it for years is not called love. Ficus has specific needs although it's among the easiest to keep alive indoors.

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