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white eggs in my ficus bonsai!! help

HI all,
I've had this bonsai plant for over 2 months now, and have noticed severe leaf fall over the past month or so.
Initially I thought this may be due to the changing weather however now as my plant is almost bald, I'm getting really worried.
Also as I did a closer inspection of the plant I saw a numerous white circular shaped eggs in the soil ..I cant say there are about 25-30 of these I can see. As I squashed one- I saw something squirt out!!! I think the plan has life- I scratched the branches they were green inside. I also think I may have over watered the plant!
I've attached a few pics, I would really appreciate if someone could guide me. Many thanks. ... directlink

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Are you sure they aren't these?

Little balls of slow release fertilizer in the potting soil. They will squirt when you pop them.

If so, it shouldn't have anything to do with why your ficus is losing its leaves.

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Other than there is some osmocoat timed release fertilizer pellets in the soil. Which for bonsai, I don't think I'd fix.

Where is the supplimental light for your tree?

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to avoid fungus nats, try not to leave leafs in the soil because they decay and attract FN.

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