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What kind of flowers are these?

A long time ago I saw this photo:


And I've been desperate to know what kinds of flowers these are! They're absolutely beautiful and as we have a new garden I'd like to maybe find some of these if they're available in my area.

if somebody does know, can you describe each one as you name it (e.g. purple, red with yellow borders, white, orange to the far left, etc).

Thank you!

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white ones are likely shasta daisies and the yellow and orange ones gaillardia (blanket flower) which comes in several different varieties:

[url=]gaillardia blanket flower images[/url]

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looks like some baby blue eyes also, the dark blue with white centers.

Nice idea of a mix, appealing to the eye.

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There are also some purple Asters lurking in the lower right-hand corner.... And some of the petals of the upper flowers are reflexed, which makes me think happily of the various cultivars of Echinacea.


If you wanted this mix of colours and shapes without the height, say, for borders, you could also check out Osteospermum and Gazania (which aren't in your picture, but which are visually very similar - they're collectively called African Daisies).

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