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Kohlrabi weathers the cold and is still growing!

I picked a white and a purple kohlrabi today and the purple was much better! They looked a little old and ruff but were very good and not stringing! I ate some raw with salt but microwaved some cut pieces to soften them up and they were exceptional with a touch of just salt! I will make cole slaw this week for thanksgiving from them! Kohlrabi cole slaw is better that cabbage slaw. I have a whole 20 foot row of both about the size of a base ball but longer! If you have any try it for Thanksgiving and add a carrot for color or even a red pepper!!
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Sounds great. No kohlrabi left here. I am going to try slaw from kohlrabi next time I get some. Still eating tomatoes, potatoes and carrots from the garden. (That have been stored in the garage) I have some winter squash too. Maybe I will cook one of those soon.
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