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Begonia, Asarina and Lisianthus are not germinating

I live in UAE, zone 10-11, nowadays temperature is between 20 - 16, I planted seeds of Begonia Scarlet Cascading, Begonia Baby Wing, Asarina Red Dragon, Asarina Bridal Boquet, Asarina Victorian Falls, Mandveille (not sure of spelling) and other types of Asarina don't remember their names but all of them have very small seeds, I planted some of them since 25 October and finished the rest of the list after a week. But untill now I see nothing germinating, altough at the same time I planted moonvine and Clitoria but they germinated quickly...and now um wondering did I do something wrong or is it because I live in UAE? I bought the seeds from the net and I believe all these flowers do not exist in my country coz I have never seen them.

Can someone give me some advice? I still have some of the seeds left and I want to plant them with guaranteed germination.

What I did, some of the seeds were planted in small pots without covering them and kept them in partial shade, with regular watering but I think I planted them deeper than it is supposed to be coz they are too small, I planted other seeds very close to the surface and covered them (as it was instructed in the site I purchased from, and still waiting for germination) ... can someone experienced tell me how long did it take to germinate? um sad coz it is written in the instructions that it would take 14-19 days and now it is more than that...and by the way I kept half of them with full sun andhalf with partial shade...

In addition, I also planted Cobae cup (not sure of spelling)..but that was just last week, how long will it take? and I didn't understand how to put it on one edge?

Please any directions will be helpful especially from those who live in a smilar Zone.

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