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spider mite on chinese elm

I have a chinese elm newly bought. I have found two insects so far. I do not know if they are harmful or harmless. The Elm is indoor by the window getting as much light as there is sunlight. . I live in Germany.

I also found some sort like a spider web in the branches. What are they ? Are they spider mite ? How do spider mite cause the Elm ?

Please help.

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Hello and welcome. You may have two different issues going on here. I don't have any problem, at least that I am aware of with spider mites so I can't offer much in the way of advice. I did a quick search of the entire site for "spider mites" and found a suggestion. Put a piece of white paper on the soil of the tree and give it a shake. Look for very small reddish insects. If you have a hand lens use that to get a look at them.

As far as the other ones, since you only have a few you may just be able to pick them off by hand. Always start with the least toxic approach first, only increasing as needed to remove the problem.

Chinese Elms can be very sensitive to sprays to approach anything like that very carefully. Let us know what you find out. By the way you can use the search function as well to learn more on not only spider mites but other subjects as well. Good luck.


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The mites look like this, Yes? :


You could try repeatably misting the tree with a mild solution of water and liquid dish soap [Mix about 1 tablespoon into a gallon of water.]

Repeat this misting 1 or two times a week each week for several weeks in a row. Aim for full coverage and don't forget the undersides of the leaves. You will need to insure you eliminate several generations of the mites- until their are no breeding adults left to continue your infestation.

If this is not effective you may have to work up to a stronger solution. As Gnome noted we will start with the weakest 'fix' and work up to the strong stuff if they persevere.

I [like Gnome] have never had a problem with mites but some feel this is a effective solution that is not harmful to your tree.

Good luck,

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