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Weeping Pussy Willow

Hi All,
I need help. I'm great with house plants but new to outdoor plants.
I've just bought a weeping pussy willow and I would like to know if it will grow in an area with early morning, dappled sunlight only? Also, how far way from my foundation would I plant it and how tall do they usually grow.
Any and all help is appreciated

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The further away from the foundation the better. Wild grape's root's go on and on so don't assume if you cannot see it that they aren't there. Prefers wet spot but morning sun is fine. They would reach over 30' but they are weedy tree that sheds branches so if not on lawn better.

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You could expect the roots to be at least 2x the height of the tree, in some cases larger. I'd keep them a good distance away from your water pipes and foundation.

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