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where to make a bed in my yard (florida)

I live near tampa, FL and I'm having problems with the sun , growing vegetables , last bed I attempted was facing east to west, under and near some trees, usually my plants get too much sun and no matter how well I water they cant handle it.
this east to west with morning shade didnt get enough sun in winter and the plants never took off, in summer it was still too much sun . I'm thinking of putting a bed on the side of my trailer where it would get afternoon shade, any tips will be appreciated, thanks

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I have a raised bed that got constant brutal Florida sun for nearly 90% of the day. The plants did grow nicely but constantly dropped their blossoms, but everything else did well including the peppers. Next time around I'm buying nothing but heat tolerant tomato plants.....

What kind of veggies did you plant?

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Well, I don't have the problem too much of too much heat...usually it's just the opposite, lol.

However, you may wasn't to look into using shade cloths to keep some of the sun off your garden during certain parts of the day.

This thread may help you: [url=]Shade cloth[/url].

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thanks guys

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Another strategy to try is to get your warm season vegetables out as early as you can. You can probably get tomatoes and other warm season crops out in February that far south. I would start seeds of tomatoes in January. By June the tomatoes will probably shut down for the summer, but if you plant them out in February, you can still get a good harvest before it is too hot.

Okra and watermelon do well in the hottest months as long as they are watered. You can plant these when the other plants begin slowing down.

I don't use any shade for my plants. My location gets about 7-8 hours of sun max during the summer (mostly after 10 A.M.) I just keep them well watered in the summer.

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I live in Florida and my problem is wind, not sun. My plants can take a lot of sun. Sometimes we get 30+ mph winds that damages the plants. Are you certain that wind is not the real problem?

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You could always put up wind blockers if you think the wind is the problem. Stone walls, shrubs and wooden fences could add some variety to your landscaping as well.

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