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English Boxes - yellow leaves


I'm new to gardening and loving it. :) However, I'm trying to address a problem with our english boxes hedges. The leaves are going yellow and I though initially it's lack of water but trying to keep the soil moist it's still not coming back to it's beautiful green. :(

I'm a bit lost, considering the fact that most of the english boxes are find except a couple of them, their leaves are going yellow beginning from the tip of it and then the whole leaf.

What is the problem?? Hope someone can lead me to the right direction here.

Regards, :cry:

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Hi Johnny,

I'm not sure what your soil is like in Melbourne, but it may be too alkaline. Here's a site from the US with some of the more common diseases of English boxwood. Take a look to see if any of it fits.

This site lists common pests though it's here in the US.


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