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Milk jugs/2-liter bottles for lettuce, spinach, and herbs

This year I had my first real garden, it was an awesome experience, and I don't want to give it up. :lol: So, I'm gonna TRY (operative word) to grow some stuff inside over the winter. I don't have a greenhouse or anything, but I do have a warm, rather sunny, south-facing bathroom. And I want to give lettuce, spinach, sweet and thai basil, dill, and cilantro a go.

I'm trying to keep my costs down, so if possible I don't want to have to purchase special lights or containers. So do you guys think a half gallon or 2-liter bottle would be enough root space for these plants? If I put one plant per container.

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Cillantro, no at least a gallon container. The lettuce will do fine, but you would have to have 15-20 pots or more to get enough. All plants grow much slower in the winter (length of day). With lettuce you will have to take off only the outside most leaves leaving some in the center to keep growing. Most people don't have much luck with spinach without a greenhouse, swiss chard has a better chance, if that is an exceptable alternative. Again you would have to have a lot of pots at one per plant. I would go with the herbs that you use first, as they will yield the best return dollar wise for the effort except dill, which doesn't do well in pots at all.

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