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Japanese Maple... with white spots

I purchased an acer palmatum orange dream about a month ago, and potted it into a new, bigger pot. Nothing major, no real disturbance of the root balls. The tree had some mild burn on the top leaves which the nursery suggested was from under watering.

I've been watering it twice a week (I live in Palo Alto, CA, so it's pretty dry), and the tree has now developed these white spots. Further, more of the leaves seem to be turning brown at the tip. I'd think it was just the onset of fall, but they're turning straight to brown, not yellow or orange. Picture below.



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I don't know what the problem is, but here's a better link to your photo:


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Appears to be powdery mildew. It can be sprayed with a fungicide, but I have never seen a Jap Maple have a major issue with this. Aesthetics only. It is much more of a problem in some perennials like phlox and beebalm.

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Could it be you are watering it too much,the soil only wants to be kept moist.
I have just noticed the date this thread was posted it was last October.
so the problem as either been solved or not which ever the case maybe.

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