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Raspberry canes

Hi there,
I'm looking for some advice from all you budding gardeners. I've just been lucky enough to have been given an allotment and have inherited a huge patch of Raspberry canes ( and a vast amount of weeds). I have to be honest I've not a clue what to do with them . Do I thin them out, prune them or just leave well alone. The site has obviously been left unattended for sometime .

My kids love Raspberries so would really like to cultivate what I've been given and any advice will gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum Grinny. :)

Do you know what variety they are or what type? A picture may help use also.
Two types of most commercially grown kinds of raspberry are available, the summer-bearing type that produces an abundance of fruit on second-year canes (floricanes) within a relatively short period in mid-summer, and double- or "ever"-bearing plants, which also bear some fruit on first-year canes (primocanes) in the late summer and fall, as well as the summer crop on second-year canes

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You go through the canes one by one and if they are old (drying up, bore this year you cut them out. Pull out all of the weeds after cutting out the old canes about an inch or so above the ground. Put stakes along the rows and tie the remaining canes up. That will make them pickable next year. From now on you cut out the old canes after pick off the last of the raspberries for the year. It is a good thing to put composted manure on them every couple of years and keep them mulched. They will spread so you will have to pull those that get way out of line every years as well. That is raspberry care 101. You can also cut the old canes, pull the weeds and dig them out in early spring if you need to move them or turn them back into neat rows. If you are going to do that don't fertilzed them for a year after they have been moved. I am assuming you will leave them where they are for now.

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How do I prune back my raspberry bush?
I am searching for information on how to prune my raspberries.

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