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Spider mite eating nematodes?

I have i spider mite problem. I have been told by some friends that predator nematodes will in fact eat spider mites. My local gardening store told me predator nematodes are only for killing soil dwelling pests, not pests on the actual plant. I am looking at Tip Top Bio-Control predator nematodes, I plan on spraying them on my roses with a hand pump sprayer.

does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

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Yes, I found a couple of articles about some studies. [url=]Here's one[/url]. However, a simple solution of soap ... real soap, like Dr. Bronner's unscented liquid soap ... and water is very effective at controlling spider mites and would, I believe, be much less expensive. It's the cure I routinely use when I find spider mites on one of my plants, and it works every time.

Use 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of soap in 1 quart of water. Spray the plant from all directions, until it's dripping. Retreat every 5 to 7 days, for a total of 5 treatments. Retreating is necessary to kill the juveniles as they hatch from any eggs that may be present on the plant. :)
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thank you for your reply!

does anyone have personal experience using nematodes above ground?

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Benny nematodes won't work above ground. They happily nom-nom on insects during their soil stage. Predator mites or Spider Mite Destroyers-(in the ladybug family) are what you would want to go with.

Many insecticides will have pyrethrin concentrate, and while it is derived from plants, it is toxic to people, pets, and is non-selective when it comes to insect control. If you are applying a benny insect, make sure you have NOT recently applied an insecticide with pyrethrins.

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