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Bonsai question

Hi all I'm new to site and was hoping sum1 cud help me. I have got myself a little bonsai tree it's apparently a Chinese bird plum the leaves have recently started to turn yellow with dark spots on them I'm not sure what the cause is and was hoping sum1 cud give me a suggestion please :). Oh and I have also read that the tree is a flowering tree but mine has never produced any flowers cud this be me doin sumthing wrong?? Thanx again :-)

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I doubt anyone will be able to help you with this without some more information: how long have you had this tree, what kind of conditions do you keep it in (indoors, outdoors, how much light, temps, etc). What kind of soil (or non-soil planting medium) is it in. How do you water it (how much, how often, etc). Where are you located?

The more information you can give the experts here (not me!), the better answer you will get from them. (There's no such thing as a free lunch; if you want good help, you need to put a little time and effort into giving good info.)

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No doubt it's being kept indoors, if it is Sageretia. I'll try to get photo comparison this weekend of Sageretia starts I worked with this year. At first, they grew equally as well. But, after a few months, the one kept indoors began to fail. It's still limping along, but barely has any life in it. By contrast, I've pretty much ignored the one outside, which is now two thanks to an air-layering off of the lollipop top. No, I take that back, there are also some cutting of this year's growth that are also rooting. The airlayer rooted in only a few weeks, nicely and strongly, too. Moral of the story: Sageretia are truly weeds outside. Inside, they slowly fail. I'm hoping mine make it through the winter indoors, but if not, I won't be trying them again.

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plus one, mine's doing good too yo

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