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Water Lettuce "Pistia stratoides"

Hi i live in United Arab Emirates. Back in india i had a good collection of Pistia stratoides in my yard. I would love to get some to my apartment in Sharjah. Does anybody know if water lettuce can survive in UAE ? I know that this lovely floating plant needs alot of sunlight which we have abundantly here. I am so looking forward to getting some and would love if somebody had any info on how to get it here.

please help...

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Don't have a clue where to look for the plant except mail order but you might try a pet store and if you provide the proper avenue for survival I would suspect anything would thrive however considering the heat, and I've heard India can get hot, you must provide ample moisture. GLTY

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Almost every garden center in North America carries it between the months of March and September. There is also the dwarf version. Not as readily available as Hyacinths, Water Lettuce is out there and should not be hard to find. We sell about 30,000 of them a year up here in Canada.

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