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Whats eating my Hybiscus?

I bought an Hybiscus a few months ago and planted it outdoors. It has been doing well and blooming , butI noticed something is causing holes al throiugh the leaves . Some to the point of nothing but the veins being left behind! What should I do?

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You might want to Google beetles and see if they like Hollyhocks they may need a dusting.

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Hibiscus is vulnerable to a lot of pests including slugs and slugs can eat leaves down to lace like that.

You will never see them unless you go out late at night with a flashlight and look, including undersides of leaves. Alternatively you can put a board down on your soil near the plant. Leave it a couple days then lift it up in the middle of the day. If you have slugs, some will likely be hiding under the board.

It is important to diagnose your problem. Treatments for insects generally don't affect slugs...

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I had a beetle-like bug eat my hibiscus blooms and leaves this summer. I think it might have been a form of weevil. It was about 1/2" long, dark brown to black. This bug would fly away when provoked. They ate into the flower pods eating them before the blooms opened. Also, they ate/burrowed the seed pods hollowing out the seeds. I raked out the mulch underneath my plants, did a high pressure water wash, then applied Sevin on the plants including the soil. I did that twice and now my hibiscus are bug free and blooming wonderfully. My hibisucs is perennial, called "moy grande".

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