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No Low Growth on Pittosporum Hedge Plants


I planted 18 4ft tall pittosporum hedge plants two years ago and trimmed them back about 1/4 as per the advise given. They were planted in well prepared but clay soil about 1.5 feet apart, provided with manure and watered every day for a month, once again as-per the advise provided. I find that now only 2 of them have dense foliage at the base, the others have only growth on the top half. I hope that someone can suggest a way to promote vigorous growth down low on these plants.

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I'm not familiar with pittosporum, but generally when pruning hedges you need to prune them to a (rounded) pyramid shape, broader at the base. If it is wider at the top, then the top foliage shades the bottom and it dies out at the bottom. You may need to trim yours back now to get that shape.

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