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obtaining seed

Hello, hello.
I am chasing some frangipani seeds but do not want to buy them, I was wondering does anyone know how the plant itself disperses the seeds, or even better how you get seeds of a plant. Where are the seeds?

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I'm not sure about the biology of the plant but, you can try a google search on that.

To obtain seeds, I will recommend that you start by creating a similar thread to this but, just asking for the seeds in a trade down in the Seed Trade Forum.

Second, try the seed trading forums at the Garden Web.

Third, if you have Seedy Saturdays or other such seed exchanges in your region check that out.

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Yes, frangipani does disperse the seeds. This information is from my childhood in south Florida but - I am sure they do seed in pods in the Fall.

I just ran a Google search and came up with several sources that sell the seeds.

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