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European hornets

I have many of these european hornets that swarm around my lights at night but in the morning I find many of them dead. Are they "vampire bees" that die in the glare of sunlight. Just kidding, but why do so many die every night?

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my guess: they spend a whole lot of energy flying around the lights, but don't find food in all that time. little bodies don't store much energy, and in ordinary daytime flying there's almost constant inputs of food. daytime insects, confused by strong nighttime lights, frequently tire themselves out too much in a night to survive.

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European Hornets

I have many of these in Lilacs close to my house. They have never stung me but they are very bothersome when mowing during the day and at night on our porch. Nests have become very numerous in the last two years. I have found that Mean Green Orange Fresh cleaner kills them very quickly and is non toxic. I have used wasp and Hornet killer but the orange cleaner kills them within 10 seconds or so(liberally applied) much faster than the toxic Wasp/Hornet killer. If you can find the Orange Cleaner in gallon refill size, put in a small garden sprayer for easy application.

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