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Help - Bush Pickle Cucumber plants dieing

So new gardener - first year raised bed and this started a few weeks back. Leaves started looking spotty turning yellow now dead. This started nearest the ground and working outward. I started out with 2 plants - one got eaten so I bought two more (made room with the broccoli I pulled) - and it's happening to all 3 where one is obviously more mature. Any thoughts? - I'd hate to see them die they have a ton of immature fruit on them and I've only harvested about 10.
All other plants are doing well - various peppers, red onions, grape tomatoes

Thanks for the help!


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I had this problem with my cucumber plants. Check inside the blooms and see if you have cucumber beetles. They will be black with yellow stripes down its back. There are a couple different things you can do to eliminate/keep them at bay. Marigold plants help repel/attract them. There is a home remedy with some kind of soap spray. Then there is simply manually killing them. Problem is , once your plants starts looking like this, it's pretty much gone.

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To me, this looks like an advanced case of powdery mildew. We've had lots of discussions about PM, and unfortunately I'm on a terrible schedule this week (and the next few weeks).

Please use Search the Forum for "powdery mildew." There are a couple of ways we recommend countering it: one involves a baking-soda solution and the other involves a milk-and-water solution.

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