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No female flowers on my pumpkins yet.. need some help.

I am a first time pumpkin grower. I planted my first set of seeds in early June, but due to the poor weather I had to plant new seeds in mid June. I had a ton of male flowers, but no sign of female ones and it's now August. Does anyone know when I should normally expect female flowers in Northern MN? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you![/code]

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It's not really by time of year, it's by age of the plant. You said you planted these seeds mid-June. When did it start flowering? I don't grow pumpkins, but for squashes, I think it isn't uncommon for them only to put out male flowers for the first couple weeks of flowering.

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I have not had a female on my plants yet either. I do have a bunch of males. I have been told by a few people to just be patient and the females will come when the plant is ready. I hope they are right!

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