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Something is killing my pea plants

Hi, I'm new at gardening and have run into the same problem with pea plants 2 years in a row. When my plants got about 1.5 feet high I would soon find the stem snipped clean at the base just above the ground. No other damage is visible, nothing else nibbled on just the stem cut.

Last year I checked for grubs but didn't find any. This year I put a netting around the plants in case large birds were the culprit and also put in a sonic rodent device but it still happened. Why would something do that and leave the rest of the plant untouched? Any ideas?

Perhaps next year I will put some sort of protective guard around the base of stem.

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Most likely cutworms. You are right about the collar. But what you want is a stiff collar, like cardboard or tinfoil, that you put just outside the stem but not touching it. That keeps the cutworms away from your plants.

I don't know where you are, but isn't it a little bit hot yet, most northern hemisphere places for peas? Maybe you are one of our Australian members, just coming in to spring?

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