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Caring for Aloe Vera Plant

Hi all!

A friend of mine gave me an aloe vera plant and it's very healthy and looks great. She has been keeping it in only a half cut jug filled with water, so it hasn't been planted in soil. In my research I've read that aloe vera doesn't really need to be watered very often and I don't want to kill it by overwatering it. It doesn't seem to be adversely reacting to being in water only, but there are a few browned wilted leaves.

Should I transfer it to a pot with dirt but make sure to keep the soil extremely saturated until it gets used to it? I live in Phoenix AZ by the way, if that makes any difference.

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Aloe vera isn't a very fussy plant at all. However, like most plants, I think it would do better planted out.

Plant it in some potting mix and coarse sand, then water it immediately. Then water every 2-3 days.

It should start growing off-shoots within a few months. Then you can divide those up and propagate them if they start getting too big for the pot. They don't like clay soil at all and will go brown from what I've seen.

It is a very hardy plant though, and has a very interesting flower! Grows everywhere here in the tropics, although I'm not sure what the weather is like in Phoenix ;)

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