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Tips for transplanting grape vines?

there is 6 free grape vines on craigslist, i have to dig them up. ive always wanted grape vines, i am in a position and will be for a long time that i cannot afford to buy plants at a nursery, so i would really like to take advantage of this...

I know the conditions are not ideal, but, please let me know of any tips or advice you may have of the transplanting process..

she says they are 7 ft tall. probably unpruned is what i guess.
still in the ground.
it is now july 31st, and i live in southern new hampshire.
is it even possible this time of year to have a successful transplant?

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Great information Marlingardener. I would please like to add a few more tips...Be sure that the area you are wanting to grow your grapes are to be in full sun with good air ciculation and in rich well draind soil. And at least 6 feet apart.
Give them a good hard trim before you dig them out, this is usefull in not damanging the plant and for you in handling. Keep trimming back into next year in assurance of well established roots.

Added note: *Late winter or early spring is the best time to transplant grapes.

Best of gardening to you crowjane, wish you much success :D

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Grapes are heavy feeders so fill in with nutrient rich compost when you infill,
they used to bury a dead animal under the root at one time ! Good luck with your vines. We inherited an old vine in our garden it's extremely productive,
and we feed one vine into the greenhouse and leave one outside, it gives an eartly crop and then a later crop of lovely dessert grapes.
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