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Are These Both Purslane?

The one on the left is common wild purslane, yes? But the one on the right is a little different. It has a rounder leaf and the stem doesn't look as red. They both grow in a mat on the ground and come up wild where ever the ground is bare. They both come up as weeds in the garden. Also I can't find either in the cow pasture so it seems the cows eat both. Are they both purslane and are they both edible?


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The one on the left is what I've seen ID'd as purslane. I've also actually *eaten* it, so I know it's edible.

I'm not sure of the other plant's name; sorry.

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Agree the one on the left is purslane.

The one on the right doesn't look like it has the fleshy succulent-like leaves of a Portulaca family.
Does the one on the right exude milky sap when broken?

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