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Watering Tomatoes in Containers

I want to be more successful this year with my container tomatoes. I planted two large containers with 4 different varieties (2 plants per container). I have to move them around throughout the day to achieve 6 hours of sunlight.

I am not sure about the amount of water to use...daily watering? only when there is drying on the sides of the container? what is the best practice for watering?


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The watering schedule really varies with the plant size and the weather. On over 90 degree days even my plants in 25 gallon containers like to be watered two or three times per day. Earlier in the summer, when the plants are a bit smaller and the temperatures are in the 80's, the plants thrive with being watered daily or every other day. The plants very quickly show signs of water stress in hot weather, so pay close attention. If the plants gets stressed very much or very often, they will tend to get disease or suffer blossom end rot.

The best method that I've seen for tomatoes in containers makes use of the self watering containers. A friend of mine had great tomatoes, two plants per rectangular approx five gallon container. IMO that is by far the best route to take when trying to grow tomato plants in containers.

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My tomatoes are planted single in 15 gal containers and I water when the soil feels dry about 4 inches down in the pot. Sometimes, that means every day and sometimes every other day. I've never had to water twice a day here in zone 4 even when we have brief heat waves (3 or more days in the 90s).

If you are in a warmer climate and use smaller containers, you may have to water more often.

There is no "rule" about how often to water a container - let your plants/containers be your guide.

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