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Clinging Vines

Can you suggest a clinging vine for a lattice fence that might be a good sound barrier and clings to the front of the fence and won't grow through to the back.

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that's tough. both the sound-barrier thing and not growing through to the other side...i know no plants like this.

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Agree, it's hard to imagine a vine that is vigorous enough to provide a dense sound barrier, that wouldn't grow through.

Ignoring the not growing through part, Virginia creeper is a nice native vine that clings, spreads rapidly, gets pretty dense, has nice fall color and berries that birds like.

Trumpet creeper is another native vine. It gets HUGE. Takes a couple years to get well established, then takes off and grows like mad. Gets very dense, has flowers that hummingbirds and bees like, followed by seed pods that stay closed until after a few frosts, then open up and have thousands of seeds that goldfinches and other birds like. Don't make the mistake I did and plant it anywhere near your house!

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