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Wrinkled Leaves w/ Bell Pepper Plants

Hi everyone. Quick introduction about myself. My name is Jerry and I recently picked up gardening as a new hobby. Currently I am growing tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in 5 gallon buckets using a mixture of Potting Soil and Kellogg Amend (which I later learned that it is really nasty stuff)

Here is the first problem. One of the plants that I am growing is a bell pepper plant that I have recently bought from Wal-Mart and transplanted into a 5 gallon bucket.

First, it grew rapidly with healthy leaves until the leaves started to wrinkle and it looked really bad. Here are some pictures

Upper Foliage






Bottom leaves are yellow


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Hi Jerry. Welcome to the forum.

I don't know about your peppers. I don't have much problem with peppers here.

The leaves have a good deep green color which says your soil is good. I would not worry about the crinkly look. That purply looking area may be slug damage.
Just some thoughts. It is not unusual for the bottom leaves to turn yellow and fall off. These are the leaves the plant had in the nursery and they don't really do that good in bright direct sunlight. There will surely be more input on this. Just wanted to say Hi and welcome.

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