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cucumbers - female flowers only

I did a search but I didn't find anything useful...

I growing vegetables in a container garden in a nice big south-facing window. I have never grown vegetables before.
I'm having a problem with my cucumbers, they are growing FEMALE flowers only. I haven't been able to find a single male flower! The plants have been flowering for about a month now, and all the little cucumbers just keep shriveling up and dying because there are NO male flowers! What can I do to promote the growth of some males?

Also - my zucchini plant is flowering both male and female flowers, but the flowers won't open. What's the deal with that? Even in the middle of the day, when the sun is on them the flowers remain sealed shut! The plants look healthy otherwise. No bugs, no spots.

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My cucs had tons of mail flowers and very few females. 3 months later I'm having the same lack of male flower problems the TC is having.

I'm interested.

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Green House Cucumbers:
Since I have to grow cucs in a Green House here. Next year I plan on trying
parthenocarpic cucumbers:: (seedless, no pollination needed)
Sweet Success is on the top of the list so far, Camilla a close 2nd.
I spend time every day searching out females & pollenating,
Am getting to be a good pollinator but I alway miss a few females
or sometimes have no male blooms for pollen.
This year I'm growing a (beta alpha) Gynoecious variety ( produce mostly female flowers) with 2 normal monoecious variety for male blooms (& fewer females) for a pollinator.

You may have the "beta alpha" type hybrid. When you grow beta alpha's, you need to have a normal cuc, "monoecious" for male blooms.

Solution for me is going to be "Sweet success" hybrid next year.

The only think I can think of for yo to do now is find a neighbor with some male blooms & bring a few home to pollenate your females.

Good luck

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There are all female cucumbers. They should only produce cucumbers and they don't need a male flower.

The zucchini does have both male and females - usually the first few don't oepn for me but I just leave it and I have lots of zucchinis now.

Do you have any bees around as the fertilize the plants. If not you can take the male flower and brush it inside the female flower. This should then fertilize it.

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