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bonsai is dying i think.

:( well i don't think watering is the problem, i try to always keep the soil moist. I do live in Texas so its hot, is it just the heat? What should i do? its a lil bonsai tree like on karate kid lol i cant figure out how to post pics on here
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when u say bonsai, what kind? a photo will help
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Is this a response to something earlier? It helps to keep them connected so people will know what you are talking about. Use the Post Reply button, not the New Topic button next to it.

Instructions for posting pictures are in the Introduction section under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.
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I was under the exact impression, wondering where the rest of the thread was, but on re-reading I think the body is an extension of the subject.

Junipers will need a LOT of water in Texas heat. They'll likely need to be somewhat shaded as well, and in an appropriate mix. We cant tell any of these things, or even if it IS a Juniper, without images.

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